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Fleet Miami offers to its members a lifestyle experience once only available to the owners of a superyacht fleet. Now, instead of the traditional options of chartering or buying a yacht, there is a third, innovative option - membership in the exclusive Fleet Miami yachting membership club.

Fleet Miami currently offers nine luxury yachts ranging in style and size from 36 to 154 feet, and guarantees its members the highest standard of quality and luxury regardless of their entry level into yachting.

Once limited to the super wealthy, yacht charter and yacht ownership have but been a distant dream for many, and for most, only a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Now, however, a new opportunity for experiencing the world of luxury yachting has arose, via the Fleet Miami Membership Club.

Unlike other companies, the Fleet Miami experience is offered in cities other than Miami. Cruise amidst a backdrop of monuments along the Potomac in Washington, DC this weekend or arrive in style at the annual Hamptons bash next summer.

This is not just any VIP experience - Fleet Miami treats its members like Fleet Owners. A Fleet Miami membership provides members the opportunity to utilize a fleet of yachts without the cost of ownership and with more flexibility than offered with traditional charter. Members can cancel as needed, use rain dates, and change plans without the hassle of complicated contracts. Fleet Miami is focused on getting their members back to the joy of yachting.