New England

Charter Destinations

It's a place where time has stood still. It is a place where color and gray collide in dramatic harmony; where the calm sea under a bluebird sky bears little hint to the potential wrath that could be unleashed without warning. Its landscapes have inspired the artist; its climate has humbled the most experienced sailors. Yet those who know New England and its capricious coastline are reverent to it with fierce passion, and those who experience it for the first time are forever changed.

Extending from the northern tip of Maine south to Montauk at the end of Long Island, New York, the New England coastline is rich in maritime history and draws a host of visitors to its alluring cruising grounds each year. New England caters to salty sailors and the elite jet set alike; its charming coastal communities with boutique shops and ice cream parlors provide a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of today's technology-bombarded world. Fishing and lobstering still serve as a backbone of the region's economy, as does tourism in the popular summer destinations of Newport, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and The Hamptons.