Created by veteran yacht crew and organizational leadership professionals. Yacht U training is like nothing else in the yachting industry. Its 3-day course is designed around Yacht U's unique set of 10 leadership principles, raising the standard for best practices in yachting culture and crew performance. Crew members will dive deep into topics like bravery, inclusiveness, and humility. Participants can expect to be challenged, as growth opportunities and permanent change lie outside one's comfort zone.

Yacht U graduates move forward as inspired leaders, implementing the program's signature module: See It, Do It, Teach It, which begins with training in boat handling and marlinspike seamanship for all crew aboard a vessel. The most unique industry in the world is not without its challenges. We specialize in training crew to conquer them. Let us show you how.


"There is maritime training, leadership training, and then there is Yacht U."

Glen Allen, mega-yacht captain and Yacht U graduate

  • 3-day leadership course for yacht crew
  • Focus on crew culture and retention
  • Programs delivered aboard your yacht
  • Boat handling and marlinspike training
  • Improve crew performance and morale
  • Crew mentoring and career path development
  • Transform crew members into industry leaders

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