The Perfect Boat For The Perfect Moment

Leveraging Potential

Fleet Miami offers to its members a lifestyle experience once only available to the owners of a superyacht fleet. Now, instead of the traditional options of chartering a yacht or buying a yacht, there is a third and innovative option - membership in the exclusive Fleet Miami yachting membership club.

Through a unique buy-in program, members receive access to any of the yachts in Fleet Miami's growing fleet. Fleet Miami currently offers nine luxury yachts ranging in style and size from 31 to 154 feet, with new yachts being selected for the program on a regular basis.


Flexibility is the cornerstone of the Fleet Miami membership package and our yachts are never far from the action. From Florida to the Hamptons, St. Barth and the Caribbean, to St. Tropez, Ibiza and the Mediterranean, Fleet Miami not only provides its members with access to a wide range of vessels, but to the sought-after destinations that round out an exceptional yachting experience.

The greater the buy-in level, the greater the bonus that is generated up to 20%. Advanced Provisioning Allowances (APA) are separate and taken at 30%, with unused monies fully refunded. Crew gratuities are not included. Penalty-free cash out with 30 days' notice.

As a Fleet Miami member, you'll enjoy priority booking. Reserve your yacht months in advance, or call the day before to handle the unexpected client visit, then relax and leave the details to your crew. Reserve a yacht as easily as making a hotel reservation, and enjoy the security of not being penalized for changing plans due to poor weather or unforseen circumstances.

We welcome trial membership for a four-hour block, a day, or for weekly charters.


➣ Book for a few hours or for an extended period
➣ Book or cancel last minute
➣ Better rates than the base charter rates
➣ An elite portfolio that includes private villas and retreats
➣ Experienced and professional personal concierge service


➣Top notch crew
➣Beautifully maintained vessels
➣Top audio/visual entertainment systems



275 credits



575 credits



1,200 credits

1 credit = $1,000 of charter