The Fleet Miami Difference: crew training and management support.

Aug 21, 2015

Five years ago, Nicole Fawcett joined Fleet Miami’s crew to work aboard the smaller vessels in the Down East fleet. Today, she is the captain of the 154’ motor yacht Usher, the largest yacht in the fleet. She attributes her rapid success to the hands-on experience and educational opportunities that Fleet Miami affords its crewmembers. 

“Training across the fleet provided the valuable experience of learning nine different boats with different geographical areas, agendas and crews,” she says. Taking full advantage of the courses and onboard training Fleet Miami offers its crew, Nicole gradually worked her way up, serving as captain of the 54’ motor yacht Shredder and then the 56’ motor yacht Splinter before taking the helm of the busy 154’ charter yacht. “It has been a great way to learn about a variety of boats along with their inherent challenges. Fleet Miami provides the structure and support to ensure not only the Fleet’s success, but the crew’s as well.”

“The typical model of employment in yachting locks crew into one area and one type of vessel,” explains Fleet Captain Glen Allen. “If crew want to gain experience in different areas, they often are forced to change yachting programs limiting crew potential for long-term growth.”

Understanding that well-rounded crew provide for an exceptional guest experience, Fleet Miami commits to a unique approach in its crew training. Fleet Miami crew attend professional courses, sit for licensing exams, and take holiday or cross-train on various size vessels and with different captains.

This unique model allows Fleet Miami to provide its crew with multiple opportunities for advancement. Captain Allen estimates that department heads within the Fleet Miami program are at least 2 to 5 years ahead of crew working in standard programs in terms of their professional development. The opportunity for crewmembers’ professional growth and flexibility ensures longevity, and Fleet Miami boasts an unusually strong employee retention rate for an industry that struggles with the perennial problem of high crew turnover. 

 Crew also benefit from the comprehensive support offered by Fleet Miami. Senior management is proactive in shaping careers and helping crewmembers achieve personal and professional goals. Captain Allen considers this aspect of Fleet Miami to be a personal mission, and his philosophy is to  “to get to know individuals from their work within the fleet so that I can help to guide their careers. It is helpful to both Fleet Miami and to their professional development in and outside our program.”

The benefits of the Fleet Miami model are clear to owners and clients. So much of the charter experience is dependent upon, and made memorable by, the attentive service of personable, competent crew. At Fleet Miami, guests have the potential to see friendly, familiar faces whether on a dive experience in the Bahamas on motor yacht Usher or during a historical tour of Washington, DC aboard motor yacht Moksha. Guest preferences are also shared, ensuring continuity of service, smooth transitions and an unforgettable, personalized experience across the fleet.

This commitment to crew education and advancement is but one of the many ways Fleet Miami is changing the traditional yachting paradigm. Meet our talented team and experience the Fleet Miami difference.