A New Era of Yachting

Leveraging Potential

Fleet Miami is an owner-centered organization that affords like-minded owners the ability to maximize the value of their yachting assets. Our approach is unique and customizable. We leverage ownership by allowing owners to exchange yacht usage rights. We create added value by developing opportunities for use of yachts that would otherwise be idle.

Our vision is an ever-expanding network of world-class yachts, forward-looking owners, and committed client members. Being part of this fleet affords access to yachts in the best cruising locations around the globe. Unmatched in potential, Fleet Miami offers a value proposition driven simply and powerfully by the aspirations of our owners.

A Program Like No Other

Easy To Join and Hassle Free

We ask no more of our owners than to support their yacht with resources that are presumably already being provided. There is no membership fee. We charge for the services we provide but the core value we provide comes from being part of the organization where each yacht owner is a Fleet Miami Member sharing in the benefits of the organization.

With Fleet Miami, flexibility reigns supreme. We aim to find ways to make each Owner Member's experience the best possible. We make no guarantees other than our willingness to exhaust the range of cooperative arrangements available through this unique framework where interchange rights and shared usage are recognized as means to enhance investments already made.

Fleet Miami Strengths

Alignment and Management Depth

As an ownership organization, our perspective is keenly aligned with our Owner Members. Our senior management team provides a depth of experience to the yachts we manage. We have the capability of providing full service management, accounting, crew and technical support. Our processes provide fiscal discipline and can readily integrate with existing operations. Because we are a fleet operation, we offer advantages with crew crossover, training and succession.

As a Fleet Miami Owner Member, you retain full control of your yacht's schedule as well as the ability to use your own charter broker. Fleet Miami's program is designed to work with existing relationships and be responsive to your needs. An hour or two with our management team will convince you that we have something unique to offer that will produce benefits from inception.